We are a firm of professionals from different fields of law: attorneys, social science graduates, administrators, property managers, insurance intermediaries and real estate agents.
We are oriented to both the company and the individual and aim to give our customers a comprehensive and specialized service while giving coverage to all legal and managerial requirements.
Our firm has earned ISO-9001 ISO certification and our quality policy is as follows:
1. Personalised service. Proximity to customers. Vocation of service
2. We advise our clients ethically and we aim at holding clear and confident expectations.
3. We are committed to professional and technological innovation and development, continuous improvement and quality.
4. Global service. Our areas of activity include all the basic legal and administrative services that may be required by individuals and businesses: legal and tax advice; business consultancy; insurance brokerage; real estate assets and co-owner property administration; administration management.
5. -Professional and specialised service We have leading specialists in all fields of study. If necessary, we can build strategic alliances with law firms that specialise in certain law fields and subjects.
6. We rely on the vast knowledge and the extensive training of all our staff, combining work experience and youth.
7. -Cost savings: Our customers have no need to hire staff for their own legal and administrative services, since we can outsource them for them without the need of resorting to various consultancy agencies.
8. _ We work at a fair price, previously known by the client.
9. - We reward the loyalty of our customers and we offer them reduced rates for the services of our attorneys.


Our team of professionals is prepared for the management of companies, whether they are individual or corporate, since their constitution and during their lifelong activity. Not only do we give our customers advice on tax, labour, commercial and civil law, etc, but we also manage tax returns and payrolls, assuming the defence of your company if necessary.

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Our team of lawyers specialises in different areas of law and it is responsible  for the defence of the interests of our  customers, businesses and individuals, not only in terms of  the drafting and  the negotiation  of contracts but also intervening in the different procedures, whether administrative, extra judicial or judicial, in all instances.


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